Customizable Login UIs

In one click, you can enable passwordless magic links and social logins to make sure your users convert

Configure your UI

PropelAuth hosts and manages your auth UI so you don't have to. Configure your theme and all UIs and emails will look like a part of your application.

Passwords and/or Passwordless

By default, we allow both password based or passwordless logins. Read more about it here.

Social Logins

Easily configure high-converting options like "Sign in with Google".

We handle linking accounts for you - you just manage a user id.

User Attributes

You can also collect additional fields on signup like your user's name or a username.

Get started for free

Our free plan lets you go live and start signing up users (no credit card required)

Looking to migrate?

Every auth tool is different. We can help you migrate from your current tool at no cost.

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