B2B Businesses Require B2B Auth

Sell to companies of any size immediately with just a few lines of code.

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Every B2B Feature You Need to Scale

Traditional auth products aren’t enough for B2B businesses. Only PropelAuth offers the features you need as out-of-the-box concepts so you can instantly enhance your product without worrying about the details.

Organizations as a Service

Your users aren’t just individuals but also teammates and coworkers. With PropelAuth, your users can invite and onboard their coworkers themselves—no additional coding necessary.

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SAML/Enterprise SSO

Give your users the power to set up enterprise connections without having to build or configure SAML yourself.

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Role-based Access Control (RBAC)

Owner, admin, and member—let your users manage their own roles and permissions using our hosted UIs.

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Market-ready in Minutes

Customizable UIs hosted on your domain. There’s no need to stress about the details—we’ve thought of everything.

Features Your Users Expect

More security. Less friction. Enable sign in with passwords, magic links, social logins, or SSO. 2FA enrollment available out of the box.

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APIs and Client Libraries Built for You

Integrate in minutes with client and server libraries in the languages and frameworks you already use.

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Set up Auth Without Sacrificing Your Roadmap

Customer-ready auth can be built in a day. There’s no need to compromise between your MVP and auth needs. Launch effortlessly with our comprehensive libraries that do the work for you.

Test environment

Practice to your heart’s content in a test environment without the fear of being billed for any new users you might create.

Disable public signups

If you need full control of user onboarding, you can disable public signups and add your initial users manually.

Slack integration

Receive notifications for when you score new customers and more with easy webhooks and slack integrations.

Built-in email

There’s no need to set up your own email provider or waste time designing transactional emails. Send magic links and more without dealing with another integration.


Protect your app from brute force attacks, common passwords, and unwanted guests.

Auth doesn’t have to be expensive

Transparent and accessible pricing without gatekeeping features behind an enterprise tier. And when you need help you’ll get support, not a sales pitch.

Why PropelAuth?

I followed each of the onboarding steps one by one, and in half an afternoon I had our auth up and running. This saved us a ton of time, and allowed us to launch with auth features that are a huge pain to build and now considered must haves for any business clients.

Trey Holterman, Co-founder & CEO

PropelAuth allowed us to focus on our main product features, while not worrying about the auth portion. We were able to dedicate our engineering resources on our product while keeping our infrastructure simple.

Josh Gray, Founder & CEO

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