Auth for B2B products

Don‘t waste time building on top of your auth provider. We provide everything you need out of the box, from your MVP to your IPO.

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Organizations as a service

Your users aren't just individuals. They are teammates.

With PropelAuth, your users can invite and onboard their coworkers themselves — no additional coding necessary.

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Configurable Roles (RBAC)

Pick roles that match your product. Change them anytime.

Your users will need different levels of access with an organization. Choose a role/permissions structure that works for you today.

If you want to change it, we automatically migrate your users and pending invitations.

(this is what your users will see)

Market-ready in Minutes

Customizable UIs hosted on your domain. Beyond just signup/login pages, we also include account management, 2FA enrollment, organization management, and more.

Simple APIs, Powerful Use Cases

You don't need to become an auth expert. That's our job.

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  • Built by introverts

    When you need help you’ll get support, not a sales pitch.

    Get OpenAI's authentication without OpenAI's budget.

    Sign-in Features Your Users Expect

    More security. Less friction. Enable sign in with passwords, magic links, social logins, or SSO. 2FA enrollment available out of the box.

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    Flexible as you scale

    Your authentication will change dramatically as you scale. We always build with this in mind - whether it's disabling public signups for your beta launch or enabling SAML to close your first enterpise deal, we've got you covered.

    Built-in email

    There’s no need to set up your own email provider or waste time designing transactional emails. Send magic links and more without dealing with another integration.

    Disable public signups

    If you need full control of user onboarding, you can disable public signups and add your initial users manually.

    Admin Dashboard

    A full user/organization management dashboard for your team. Reset 2FA, resend email confirmations, and more.

    User Impersonation

    Coming Soon See your product from your customers' perspective. Test out features or debug issues.

    Enterprise SSO / SAML

    Need to integrate with Okta/Azure AD to secure that big deal? With one click, your users can set up those integrations, and you don't even have to change your code.


    Complete Control Over Your UI

    Our brand new React-based component library gives you drop-in authentication with maximum customization.


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