PropelAuth vs. Auth0

Don’t overpay for an auth service that doesn’t fit your needs. PropelAuth is the only auth provider built entirely with B2B companies in mind, making it the perfect Auth0 alternative.

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Price Transparency

Don't get trapped in an expensive contract

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. We don’t hit you with surprise price increases or try to nickel and dime you by charging for “extras” that aren’t really extra. We even offer a Free Until Funded plan for companies planning to raise money, so you can start using PropelAuth without worrying about bills.

Auth0 is expensive. On top of that, their pricing can be unpredictable. Customers often find themselves with a much larger bill than expected once they’ve integrated and started using some of Auth0’s more “advanced” functionality. This can leave an early stage company in a tricky spot - pay up in dollars, or pay up in developer time to migrate.

B2B Features

Built for B2B companies from the ground up

We’re laser-focused on supporting B2B companies in their authentication and user management needs. This means we’ve been able to develop a feature set that takes care of everything. Better yet, it’s all fully configurable without writing additional code. Integrate once, and then continue to adjust your auth experience over time as you get to know your users.

While Auth0 does support some B2B functionality, users often find that the features don’t match their needs. This means they often have to build extra features such as additional UIs and internal tooling after completing their integration, which adds unexpected time and expense when they just want to get something up and running quickly.


We understand you want to get up and running as fast as possible

You started your company to work on problems that are interesting to you. Auth is likely not one of those problems. We understand you want your auth integration to go quickly and smoothly, and then to get out of your way. If you do run into issues, we’re willing and able to provide support quickly.

It’s easy to get lost in all of the options and documentation Auth0 provides, especially if you’re looking for something a little outside of their typical use case. Plus, users who run into Auth0 issues often find themselves having to speak to sales before support, further lengthening the time it takes to integrate.

Ready to get started?

Still on the fence about using PropelAuth vs Auth0? We invite you to sign up and give us a try!