Why Choose PropelAuth Over Auth0?

Auth0 was one of the first auth providers, which has led to a large market presence. But as Auth0 grew and joined Okta, their goals also shifted to targeting and supporting fellow enterprise companies instead of helping startups scale.

Price Transparency

Auth0 is Too Expensive to be this Confusing

Auth shouldn’t be your most expensive contract.

So we made our pricing as simple and transparent as possible. Our Free plan has everything you need to get your auth up and running, and once you grow to over 200 users, plans are an accessible $95 per 1,000 monthly active users (MAUs). We don’t gatekeep any features behind an Enterprise plan so that companies of every size have access to what they need.

It’s well known that Auth0's prices aren’t transparent.

Customers regularly report being surprised by multi-thousand dollar hikes in new contracts when they start to grow or request essential B2B features like custom domains, RBAC, and organizations. Auth0 seems to forget, or ignore, that early-B2B companies aren’t able to allocate their runway on a single contract—and they shouldn’t have to, especially on a product that makes their work more difficult.

B2B Focus

PropelAuth is the Only Auth Provider Designed for B2B Businesses

Stop building on top of your auth provider.

PropelAuth’s self-service B2B feature set enables businesses to quickly sell to any company. Our easy-to-use APIs and hosted UIs include account management, Organizations, invitation flows, and more—everything you need to be market-ready for your customers the day you sign up.

While some of Auth0’s features are self-service, not all are available ’out-of-the- box’.

For instance, B2B startups will need to build their own support for Organizations into their product using Auth0’s APIs, which defeats the purpose of paying for a service meant to make your job easier.


Our mission is to make auth approachable and easy-to-use so that businesses can get back to business.

Unlike Auth0, every one of PropelAuth’s features are self-service and easily customizable to match your brand’s needs. Plus, our documentation and wizards will walk you through each step to make setting up auth your most straightforward task of the day.

For a company that’s been around for so long, it’s surprising how difficult Auth0 is to use.

Unnecessarily complex docs, poor customization, and slow API calls to name a few critiques. While Auth0 offers a large number of products and configurations, if your app doesn’t fit in their standard template, you’ll quickly be looking for some support.

Start now

We make authentication you can’t mess up, but even if you do, we’re here to help.

If you need support, all users can email us their questions and Growth users can message us via a shared Slack room. And if PropelAuth isn’t the right fit, we offer password exports to all our customers, regardless of their plan.