PropelAuth vs. Auth0

Don’t overpay for an auth service that doesn’t fit your needs. PropelAuth is the only auth provider built entirely with B2B companies in mind, making it the perfect Auth0 alternative.

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Price Transparency

Don't get trapped in an expensive contract

Cost for 2500 users: $150/month
(unlimited orgs, unlimited collaborators, unlimited SAML connections)

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent: a base price with included MAUs. No extra charges for active organizations, collaborators, M2M tokens or SAML connections.

Cost for 2500 users: $700/month
(50 orgs, 7 collaborators, 3 SAML connections)

Auth0 is expensive. On top of that, their pricing can be unpredictable. Customers often find themselves with a much larger bill than expected once they’ve integrated and started using some of Auth0’s more “advanced” functionality.

Empower Your Internal Teams

Auth isn't just signup & login

We don't only make it easy for you to get your users signed up and logged in - we also provide out of the box tooling for your sales and support teams such as user impersonation, password & MFA resets and user insights.

While Auth0 provides some out of the box tooling, it's very minimal - most customers find themselves having to build custom features, adding unwanted engineering time to the process of supporting authentication.

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B2B Features

Built for B2B companies from the ground up

We’re laser-focused on supporting B2B companies in their authentication and user management needs. This means we have features like RBAC, organization invites, and SSO/SAML.

And we’ve also built support for the many edge cases that come up with B2B products like setting custom session durations per organization and requiring 2FA for certain organizations.

While Auth0 does support some B2B functionality, users often find that the features don’t match their needs. This means they often have to build extra features such as additional UIs and internal tooling after completing their integration, which adds unexpected time and expense when they just want to get something up and running quickly.

Ready to get started?

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