PropelAuth vs. Clerk

Don't use a product that wasn't designed for your needs. PropelAuth is the only auth provider built entirely with B2B companies in mind, making it the perfect Clerk alternative.

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Security should be free

You shouldn't have to pay extra to protect your users. Features like MFA and the ability to ban your users are available on our free plan.

B2B Features

Built for B2B from the ground up

We've been focused on B2B since day 1. That means we offer everything from basic organization management to advanced configurations like limiting organizations by domain and custom roles and permissions (RBAC). We also offer unlimited enterprise SSO connections for when you're ready to sell to enterprise.

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Only pay for MAUs

Our pricing is simple: a base price that includes a set of users, and a small charge for each additional user. We don't charge extra for organization management, 2FA or for you to collaborate with your employees on PropelAuth.

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