Auth that scales with your B2B business

The complete solution for multi-tenant authentication and authorization. Invite flows, organization management, RBAC, advanced security features, SAML, SCIM and more.

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Our philosophy

We take a pragmatic approach to auth

PropelAuth was founded on the idea that a great auth product gets out of your way. We provide you with the right tools out of the box—so you can quickly make your users' experiences as secure and smooth as possible.

Ask Your Developer... Once

As soon as you start onboarding users, your team will have a laundry list of things they need to do or see, like:

  • "Can you pull me a list of all users who signed up today?"
  • "I can’t figure out what this user is talking about, maybe we can take a look in the database?"
  • "Hey, this user needs their password reset!"
When you have PropelAuth the answer becomes "Oh, you can do that yourself, here’s how…" and soon you'll find yourself with more free time.

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Built for B2B

Everything you need to support your customers, small and large


Organizations are a first-class concept in PropelAuth. You can use our UIs to get started quickly, or build your own with our APIs.

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SSO / SAML Guides

The easiest way to integrate with identity providers, like Okta and Azure AD. We provide guides for your users to set up and test their configuration.

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Invitations / Auto-join

Your users can invite their coworkers and use your product together. Or let them join an existing org when signing up with their work email.

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Roles & Permissions (RBAC)

Start with our default roles, or create your own. We even handle updating existing users when you make changes.

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Advanced Security Features

Set custom session durations per organization, enforce MFA, and more. We handle the complexity so you don't have to.

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API Keys

Let your users and orgs create API keys to access your APIs. These keys are automatically invalidated when the user or org is blocked/deleted.

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Define your user schema and we’ll do the rest.

This can be as simple as

{email, first_name, last_name}
or as complex as you’d like.

UIs included.
We provide a complete set of UIs for signup, login, password reset, account, and more. Your UIs will automatically adapt to your schema.
Or do it yourself.
Our UIs are a great place to start, but you can also build your own. We provide APIs for that.
Works with SSO/SAML.
We ensure that when the user hits your product, you'll have a standardized view of them, regardless of if they logged in via password, magic link, SSO/SAML, etc.
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Founders choose us

Let's hear a few reasons why.

“First, I just want to mention that the SAML feature is awesome. We had a customer spring it on us as a last minute need and were able to get their IT folks through the process to set up the integration with effectively no notice. PropelAuth was a life saver there, and just wanted to share that bit of appreciation with you and the team.”

Tyler Johnson
Tennr, Founder

“Incredibly easy set up, new features dropped all the time. [The team] has been fantastic every step of the way. I cannot recommend PropelAuth highly enough”

Stephen Campbell
Revamp, Founder

“We're really thankful for you guys - have been a massive help in getting our product out... my last startup rolled our own auth server and spent in aggregate a month handling this stuff. You guys are definitely solving a need.”

Stealth Founder
in the LegalTech Space

“PropelAuth is becoming a critical part of my day, and I genuinely love the product (and the rate of improvement!)”

“[PropelAuth] allowed us to focus on our main product features, while not worrying about the auth portion. We were able to dedicate our engineering resources to our product while keeping our infrastructure simple.”

“We’re using Propelauth for authentication, and it’s been fantastic. The organization, user management, and everything else is top-notch, and I’m thrilled with my decision to use it.”

Stealth Founder

Built by Introverts

Straight-forward, transparent pricing. No surprises.

When you need help, you’ll get support, not a sales pitch.

Free until Funded Startup Plan

The product is completely free until you've raised $1m in funding.

No time limits, no pressure - you just get us in your corner helping you grow.