Protect Your Customers' Requests


For Both Individuals and Groups

With API Keys, you can create unique authentication keys for your end users and organizations, ensuring secure communication between your product and customers. These work for both individual users and user groups so that you can validate customers of any size necessary.

Screenshots of the product
Screenshots of the product

Hands Off

Let Your Users Manage It Themselves

Without any additional configuration, PropelAuth provides you with prebuilt hosted pages for your customers to manage their API Keys, and endpoints in our library for you to create them programmatically. It only takes a front-end redirect or an API call on the backend to achieve API authentication.


A Flexible Security Model

With our access tokens, you are making a request to PropelAuth when you attempt to validate an API Key, but what if, once they’re validated, you want to avoid making a request to us every time? Well, that’s up to you! We provide the tools to make access tokens on the fly, so you can make the call on what to access securely on the backend and quickly on the frontend.

Screenshots of the product

Ready to get started?

API Key Authentication is just another way PropelAuth can save you time and reduce your roadmap.