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Every B2B product needs roles, and we take care of that for you from the beginning.

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Out-Of-The-Box Options

Every B2B product needs roles, and we take care of that for you right from the beginning. PropelAuth has a standard, three-level role structure by default: Owner, Admin, and Member. These roles work within the context of individual organizations, not the whole product.

Screenshots of the product
Screenshots of the product


Customizable From The Jump

While the default options work great for getting your product live, what about when you need more custom options as your product gets more complex? You can add and remove custom user roles at any point in your product’s lifecycle, so there’s no need to worry! Besides just roles, you can create custom permissions and tweak your authorization until you get a perfect fit.

Granular Control

Managed By You (Or Your Users)

Our hosted UIs for your organizations include options for changing the roles of users in each org. On the other side of that coin, you can manage everything via our client libraries, so your users never have to interact with roles or permissions.

Screenshots of the product

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