Take the Confusion out of SAML Configuration

Our self-service SAML authentication makes going-to-market simple. Replace months of build time with our hosted UIs and step-by-step wizards, and enable your customers to easily set up enterprise connections with their identity provider on their own.

In addition to our other comprehensive B2B features, with PropelAuth’s SAML integration, your product will stand out from the competition—without any extra work on your end.

Increase Your Marketability

SAML is a table stakes necessity for enterprise businesses. Don’t lose out on a huge contract just because you don’t have the right auth.

Save Months of Developer Time

SAML is notoriously complex and painful to build with different requirements for each identity provider. But our set up is painless—we’ve eliminated the need to go back and forth with your customer’s IT team.

Protect Your Budget

Unlike other providers, we don’t think SAML should be limited to companies with massive budgets. Our Growth tier includes unlimited SAML connections at a transparent and fair price.

Customized for Your Customers

You have the power to enable or disable SAML setup to your chosen Organizations with a toggle of a button or an API call.

Tangible Value for Your Customers

Eliminate Manual Tasks

Keep onboarding and off-boarding up-to-date easily without having to add or delete employees from every single app.

Improve Company Security

As one of the most secure forms of authentication, SAML allows businesses to use one universal authentication across their products—meaning there will be very low friction with using your product

Seamless Configuration

Normally integrating SAML is an error prone hassle. However, we include a SAML testing flow so your users can test their integration in production to make sure all the data is correct (this also reduces support tickets for you.)

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