Resolve Problems Faster with User Impersonation


Skip the back and forth

Talking to users can be extremely educational… or extremely frustrating. They don’t always have the language to describe the problem they’re experiencing.

Sometimes, they take days to get back to you with the info you need and you’re left worrying that there’s a major bug you can’t reproduce.

With PropelAuth’s User Impersonation feature, you can quickly and easily see what your user is seeing, right away.

Screenshots of the product
Screenshots of the product


Empower your team

If you’re an engineer, it can be easy to look at the code to troubleshoot issues. However, plenty of issues can be resolved by just getting an understanding of what the user is seeing.

By allowing members of your support and product team to impersonate users, they can resolve more issues without waiting for an engineer, and cut down on the number of bugs filed.


Sales demos, made easy

No need to manage a bunch of accounts with demo data that gets stale. Instead, your sales team can show potential customers exactly how things will work for them.

They can also easily provide assistance when onboarding new clients, making the whole experience frictionless and faster.

Screenshots of the product
Screenshots of the product


Safety features, built in

User Impersonation is a powerful tool, but it doesn’t make sense for everyone to have access. Our granular controls allow you to enable and disable access for any of your team members.

You can also add extra limitations around what your team members can do while impersonating a user, so you always have peace of mind.

If you'd like to keep an eye on user impersonation sessions, you can choose to be alerted via webhooks, email or Slack.

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