Define Your Own User Schema


Enable the Fields You Want, When You Want

There’s a long list of information you want to collect from your users. From email preferences to first and last names to referral sources, the data you want to gather from customers differs in their type, time to collect, and sensitivity.

With PropelAuth’s custom user properties, you can specify the kind of properties you want to collect and when you want to collect them, making the process easy for you and your customers.

Screenshots of the product
Screenshots of the product


Create the Fields You Need

While we have the most common user properties prebuilt in the dashboard, you might need to collect more information. That’s why we included an interface to create new, custom properties for your users. This includes limiting who manages these properties and whether to pass these attributes in the token to your backend.


Enterprise Methods For Enterprise Users

PropelAuth supports SAML to enable you to quickly onboard enterprise customers, but what do you do with all the metadata that comes with them? We included attribute mappings during the setup flow for these customers so users can log in normally with their work credentials and everything goes smoothly on your end.

Screenshots of the product

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