Announcing: NextJS 13 Support

Announcing: NextJS 13 Support

We’re excited to announce the release of our support for Next.js 13, and applications built using App Router!

This library provides a simple way to integrate your Next.js application (either App Router or Pages Router) with PropelAuth in both server-side rendered contexts and client-side rendered contexts, in API routes or directly in components.

Accessing User Information in Server Components

Using our new library, you can now access authentication information like the User’s information from your server components.

From here, you can dive deeper and access more information like organizations, RBAC, and more.

Access User Information in getServerSideProps

We also updated our support for the Pages Router which allows you to easily access user and org information in getServerSideProps as well.

Ready to Get Started?

Check out our documentation to get started and quickly add authentication, authorization, and organizations to your NextJS 13 application.