Announcing Support For Two-factor Authentication

Announcing Support For Two-factor Authentication

Companies using PropelAuth as their authentication solution can now offer their end user the option of using an authenticator app to verify their identity upon logging in. This option is available by default on all hosted Account pages, no configuration required.

Once a user turns 2FA on, they will be walked through the process of adding an authenticator app. PropelAuth supports all major authenticator apps including Google Authenticator and Authy. Authenticator apps are considered the most secure way of providing 2FA, as other methods such as SMS have been known security issues.

A user enrolling in 2FA

Once 2FA is fully set up, users are able to save a set of backup codes, in case they lose their device.

This is just one of many features PropelAuth provides to make setting up your user login and management system easy and safe.

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