Azure AD SAML Connections in One Click

Azure AD SAML Connections in One Click

We happy to share that we’ve extended our SAML support to include Azure AD support in our list of supported IDPs!

SAML enables our customers to provide Enterprise SSO within their products in a single click. You can read more about what SAML is and how we approach it here. Earlier this week we launched with support for many of the other top identity providers, like Okta, JumpCloud, and OneLogin and are happy to add Azure AD to the list.

Since each identity provider uses different terminology and has a very different UI, we provide UIs with step-by-step instructions describing how to set up a SAML connection between an IDP and your product. These wizards are self-service, meaning that your customers can set up and manage their SAML connections without any work from you. Let’s take a look at Azure’s:

The Azure console can be pretty… daunting. Luckily, our step-by-step instructions will make sure that your users can setup and test their own SAML connections, quickly and easily, without any work from you.

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