How PropelAuth’s Simplicity Helped This Data Infrastructure Business Develop Their MVP

How PropelAuth’s Simplicity Helped This Data Infrastructure Business Develop Their MVP

At the start of every company, founders have to balance a growing list of competing tasks with the amount of resources available. In an ideal scenario, there would be a large, dedicated team with a limitless budget that could create and set up all the infrastructure they need in-house. In reality, this is rarely the case. Instead, founders will need to prioritize developing a minimum viable product (MVP) and find external solutions to supplement support.

When Josh Gray, Founder of Artemis, a new data infrastructure company, and his team of three were building their MVP, they looked for an auth provider that would help them get their product up and running quickly. On their product roadmap to their beta launch, auth was a necessary but very low-priority item, so they decided against building their own auth from scratch. They briefly considered using Okta but decided against the large provider as Okta’s implementation still required a lot of engineering hours and the pricing structure would quickly become unaffordable when Artemis ultimately grew.

When reading a social media post from Y Combinator, Josh learned about PropelAuth, a B2B auth provider that recently graduated from the Winter 22 cohort. PropelAuth’s promise of simple integration with minimal engineering hours matched exactly what Artemis was looking for.

“The implementation process was simple. I (a non-technical founder) set up the look and feel of the auth page, designed our user schema, and added the project settings. Once this was complete, one of our developers read the documentation, added the API tokens and we were set up within a day and a half!“ Josh shared.

Moreover, Josh was also impressed with the level of support he received from PropelAuth’s Founder Andrew Israel. Any questions he had were responded to promptly via email or could be found in the documentation. When asked if he would recommend PropelAuth to other users, Josh agreed, “Absolutely, not only is the product amazing, the team is incredibly helpful. Andrew has gone back and forth with our guys to ensure the integration is done right and to ensure product fit.”

With their authentication and authorization set up, the Artemis team was able to quickly return to building out their MVP and plan for their exciting public beta launch in the fall.

“[PropelAuth] allowed us to focus on our main product features, while not worrying about the auth portion. We were able to dedicate our engineering resources to our product while keeping our infrastructure simple.“