Charts, User Activity, and more

Charts, User Activity, and more

At PropelAuth we believe it’s not enough to help you get your users onboarded - we also want to provide you with the tools you need to keep an eye on the health of your customer base.

We have more planned in this area, but today we’re happy to announce…

Individual Activity

Want to take a look at how much a high value customer has been using your product? Check out their User Activity Heatmap (under the Insights tab on their customer page). If you’re starting to see those green squares get fewer and further between, it’s a good time for a check-in!

Growth Charts

Easily get a sense for how you’ve grown over time with our new charts feature!

We’ve launched with 4 charts:

  • Signups
  • Organizations Created
  • Active Users
  • Active Orgs

but would love to hear what other data you would find helpful. You can find charts (along with our previously released Reports) under the User Insights tab in the dashboard.

Export to .csv

We heard you: sometimes, you just want to get an easily copyable list of your user’s names and emails or even upload their information into a different tool. Now you can, with our Export to .csv feature, available on the Users page in the dashboard.

Note: export is only available to your employees with the Admin or Owner role

Misc Changes

  • You can now sort your User table by Last Active At
  • Duo is now a supported SAML provider
  • Fixed some small bugs in our Rust, Node and and Next.js libraries