Custom Email Domain & Metrics

Custom Email Domain & Metrics

We’re excited to announce some new features: the ability to send emails from your own domain and a visual of signup and activity metrics.

Sending Emails from Your Own Domain

There are plenty of reasons you may want to make sure PropelAuth transactional emails are coming from your domain - keeping your brand consistent, making sure your users know the emails are coming from a safe & expected source, etc and now you can! For more information on how to set up emails to send from your own domain, click here.

Dashboard Metrics

Now you can get a snapshot view of both your signup and activity numbers across users and organizations on your PropelAuth dashboard. This is a great way to keep an eye on both your new user numbers, as well as your engagement.

Other Updates

  • Our migration endpoint now supports PBKDF2 hashes (the default for Django).
  • Our Next.js library has been updated to include:
    • A force refresh option to getUserFromServerSideProps
    • Support for post-login and post-signup redirects
  • Our Node and Express libraries have been updated to include:
    • clearPassword and inviteUser
    • Additional arguments for createOrgupdateOrgMetadata and updateUserMetadata
  • Our Go library has been updated to include:
    • ClearPasswordDisable2FAChangeRole and CreateOrgV2
    • Additional arguments for updateOrg
  • Our Rust library has been updated to include:
    • create_access_tokendelete_org, and clear_password
    • Additional arguments for update_org and update_user_metadata

As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback by emailing