Custom Organization Naming

Custom Organization Naming

When users sign up for your product, do they sign up as individuals or in groups? If you are building a B2B product, they likely sign up in groups alongside their coworkers. But what do you call these groups? We’ve heard names like organizations, workspaces, teams, shared accounts, tenants, companies, and sometimes just the word groups.

Whatever you call them, supporting these groups requires a lot of upfront work. You need some way for users to create these groups. You need some way for users to add more members to these groups (this could be done via invitations, or by allowing people with matching email domains to join, or via Enterprise SSO). Often, the members of these groups will have different roles so you need some way for the members to manage these roles.

To make this easier, PropelAuth provides all of these UIs, out of the box, that you can immediately customize and use within your product.

We’re expanding the customizability of these pages by allowing you to set the name that these hosted pages use. Choose from one of our existing common options, or set it to whatever you want.

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