Internal Roles, 2FA Org Requirement, and SCIM

Internal Roles, 2FA Org Requirement, and SCIM

Sometimes, we try to think of a theme around our releases. Today’s theme is roughly: controlling security and access. It’s a little abstract… so let’s just jump into the features:

Internal Roles

If you like to give your employees access to one of your users’ organizations, but want to keep them separated out from your customers, you can now create an internal role.

Internal roles are only viewable and assignable from the PropelAuth dashboard, and users with those roles will not appear in the hosted pages Organization list.

Advanced Security Settings

We’ve added a couple of features to give you and your users more control over their security settings. Note: These features are on our Growth+ plan.

2FA Requirement within an Organization

If you have security-conscious customers, they may want to ensure that all of their employees have 2FA set up before accessing your product. Now, they can!

Once this setting is enabled for an organization, all users will receive an email notifying them. Logged in users who are a part of that organization will be taken to a 2FA required screen immediately, and will need to set up 2FA to proceed.

Organization owners who have this feature toggled on will also be able to see the current 2FA status for those in their organization, so they can follow up as necessary.

Also - we dogfood our product, so you can enable this for your PropelAuth organizations now as well!

Per-Org Session Duration

While you’ve always been able to set a global login duration, sometimes certain customers have different requirements due to their internal security policies. This feature allows you to set an override to the global setting per organization.


SCIM is an important way to augment SAML connections - it allows your customers to keep their users information up to date in your product. While some companies using SAML prefer to do ongoing management with each individual service, many prefer access to SCIM, so they can maintain a single source of truth.

SCIM is now available for users on our Growth+ plan for some IDPs.