New Documentation and Waitlist Support

New Documentation and Waitlist Support

Today we’re bringing you two big announcements: we’ve refreshed our documentation and we’ve added support for waitlists.

Documentation Refresh

As a devtools company, documentation is always top of mind. We try to think of it as it’s own feature, and pay close attention to feedback and metrics related to it.

Today, we launched a brand new version of our documentation that will make it easier to integrate and use PropelAuth, even for advanced use cases.

Our favorite part? We added this framework selector, which will update code snippets throughout the quickstart guides and documentation:

Waitlist Users

Make onboarding waitlist users to your product easier by enabling Waitlist Users via the Signup/Login Settings page.

After Waitlist Users is enabled, you’ll see a new list in your users table called, unsurprisingly - Waitlist. You can manually add users via the dashboard or use our API to set up a form on your marketing site. You can also import users from your existing list.

Once you’re ready to start onboarding users to your product, all it takes is a click of a button!

We’ll take care of sending the invitation email and collecting any additional information needed to create their account, like an initial password.