New Login Flows, Improved API Keys, and more

New Login Flows, Improved API Keys, and more

Today's release is a mix of features, improvements and bug fixes primarily focused on SSO/SAML, API keys and Roles & Permissions. There's a lot of surface area, but we'll touch on the highlights:

New SSO/SAML Login Flow Option

If the majority of your users are logging in via SAML instead of via password, you can now set up your login page to make that experience smoother. Users using SAML or password login methods will only need to enter their email address to get directed to the right login type.

Here’s what it looks like in the password case:

your image alt text

This can be configured via the Signup/Login page of the PropelAuth dashboard (note: we moved all SAML configuration there to make things a little easier to find).

Configurable API Key Expiration Times

You can now allow your users to set an expiration time when they generate personal or organization API keys through our hosted UIs. The times available to your users can be configured via the PropelAuth dashboard.

your image alt text

When your users create an API key, they'll be able to select one of these options.

Revamped Create or Join Org Page

We heard you loud and clear: users were often creating organizations in cases where they should be joining them instead. To reduce this, we've updated the Create or Join Org page users see during their signup flow to highlight joining existing organizations:

your image alt text

The Return of Our Changelog

When we redid our docs, we ended up dropping our changelog for a bit (focus on the MVP, I’m sure you all understand)... but now it’s back! If you want to see a comprehensive list of changes (and not just the highlights), you can check it out here.