Onboarding Users from a Waitlist

Onboarding Users from a Waitlist

When you are in the early stages of your business, you might want to onboard customers manually instead of having open signups.

PropelAuth already makes it easy for you to sign up users and their coworkers, but this is actually a case where you don't want that. The only users you want are ones you explicitly choose and no one else. Maybe these are only people on your waitlist, or maybe these are friends and family, or maybe it's people that you've given a demo to and are really excited about what you are building.

With PropelAuth you can now disable public signups. This will do a few obvious things, like removing the user facing signup page and any links to it.

It will also do a few subtle things, like if you enabled SSO (e.g. a "Login with Google" button), it will still allow users to login, but only if a verified account already exists with a matching email address. This way, you don't have to choose between providing easier login alternatives and locking down your signups.

Users will only be allowed to log in if you explicitly allow them to - which you can do via our admin dashboard. This way you can have full control over who can access your product.