PropelAuth Announces Improvements to Organization Concepts

PropelAuth Announces Improvements to Organization Concepts

July 7, 2022

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—PropelAuth today announced the launch of improved Organization concepts along with updated front-end and back-end libraries. PropelAuth customers will now be able to create and manage Organizations on behalf of their users. Additionally, customers will be able to optionally check Organization membership by name, as well as by ID, and a new url-safe slug will be assigned to each Organization.

This improvement will help B2B companies remove common barriers to growth by enabling users to proactively support their clients. For example, companies that want to privately beta test can pair PropelAuth’s Organization features with the optional ability to disable public signups. This will prevent unknown users from signing up and, instead, will enable the company to manually add their pre-approved users via invitations. To make onboarding even easier, the company’s users can whitelist an email domain for their Organization, allowing coworkers or anyone with the domain to join without requiring an invitation.

This new functionality builds on PropelAuth’s proprietary B2B feature set, which offers Organizations and Groups as a concept within its completely self-service package. In addition to customizable login and signup screens, PropelAuth takes the burden off of customers by providing ready-to-use UIs with minimal integration time. Users will be able to create new Organizations, invite coworkers, and manage roles for their clients within a matter of minutes—significantly saving developer time and resources.

Recognizing that most auth providers solely develop for B2C customers or charge exorbitant fees for essential B2B features, PropelAuth was designed to affordably and efficiently address the unique auth requirements of B2B companies. As a result, PropelAuth users can now comprehensively manage their clients without having to build custom auth in-house, develop on top of an existing auth provider, or commit to a predatory sales contract.

Learn more about Organization Concepts here.