PropelAuth May Updates

PropelAuth May Updates

We’re bringing you a variety of updates today, with no particular theme, so let’s dive right in!

Enterprise SSO Role/Group Mappings

If your users are logging in with Enterprise SSO, they may want to specify a role (or roles) as part of the connection.

Your users (or their IT admin) can now easily manage roles for your product directly in their SAML provider (Okta, Azure/Entra, etc). Better yet, you don’t have to help them set it up - we’ve included instructions directly in all of the SAML set-up instructions.

Each IDP supports slightly different features, so these instructions are aware of the unique restrictions that each SAML provider has. It will sometimes suggest they use a role attribute and sometimes suggest they use a groups attribute instead.

User Management & Configuration Changes

We’ve made a few small changes to actions you can take in the dashboard:

  • Accounts that have been locked for too many incorrect password attempts can now be unlocked via the Users section of the Dashboard
  • You can now choose whether users should be able to update their own emails via the Signup / Login section of the Dashboard
  • Public sign-ups can now be disabled on a per-environment basis via the Signup / Login section of the Dashboard

Everything else.

  • We added support for 2 new SSO providers: Salesloft and Outreach
  • We added a guide for migrating from Firebase
  • We added a guide and reference documentation for our OAuth2 support
  • is no longer considered a personal domain
  • [Node] We’ve deprecated our Cloudflare workers library in favor of our Node library. They were basically the same library, but the Node library now works in the CF worker environment.
  • [Nextjs] Added getAuthInfoFromApiRouteRequest and getAuthInfoFromServerSideProps which return both the user and the accessToken
  • [Nextjs] Added redirectToOrgSettingsPage and getOrgSettingsPageUrl
  • [Nextjs] getCurrentUrl has been deprecated in favor of getCurrentPath

THAT Conference

We’re excited to be sponsoring THAT Conference in Wisconsin this summer! If you’re planning to attend, let us know - and if you haven’t bought tickets yet, you can use discount code propelauth through May 31st to get 25% off!