PropelAuth Product Updates: Dashboard Revamp, Staging Env, and More

PropelAuth Product Updates: Dashboard Revamp, Staging Env, and More

We are often working on large feature releases or product improvements, but this time around we have been hard at work on something truly large and impactful: a new and improved dashboard for PropelAuth! We wanted to walk through all of these changes to give you a sense of all the new features that you’ll be seeing in the PropelAuth dashboard, starting today.

New Look!


We gave the dashboard a bit of a refresh! There are a host of changes from UI overhauls to better experiences for you in the platform. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Staging Environments

We believe it’s important to have safe, isolated environments to test your changes, which is why we’ve always had a test and production environment. We’ve now added another isolated environment: Staging. This will let you have another environment that shares the same configuration but lets you test your changes out before going to production.

The dashboard also keeps track of what environment you are working on, so if you, for example, move from adding an organization to configuring your frontend integration, the dashboard makes sure that these changes happen in the same environment. You can track which environment you’re currently editing using the tabs at the top of the page, picture below.

Simpler Front End Configuration

Everyone’s frontend is a little bit different. Maybe you run it locally. Maybe you use Ngrok. Maybe you use a platform like Cloudflare or Replit. We’ve added more ways for you to fully control the configuration here.

API Key Improvements: Names and Read-Only

For those of you that have many places where you store API Keys (CI pipeline, multiple .env files, Vault), we added two quality of life improvements:

  • Names! It sounds simple but it’s way nicer to say “Let’s delete the CircleCI key” instead of “Let’s delete the four b eight three c two b two key”.
  • Read-only mode - for the places that only need to access your data, but not modify it.

Searchable Organizations

One feature that will be particularly useful to those with large numbers of organizations is the ability to search for them!

Better Styling Options

Finally, we’ve cleaned up the options for the configuration and styling of your hosted authentication pages and added tooltips for where the colors will appear. Not only do you have a simpler interface for colors, logos, and the overall look of these pages, but you also have the ability to look at a live view of these pages in each of your environments.

There is a lot to explore in the new dashboard, and we’re sure there may be some questions around some of these new features. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or feedback on the new dashboard by emailing, we’re always looking to improve the product based on your experiences.

And be on the lookout for even more releases in the coming weeks! We just announced custom metadata for users and organizations, and there is even more on the way!