PropelAuth Tips: End the Year Strong!

PropelAuth Tips: End the Year Strong!

December can be tough for startups - acquiring customers during holiday season is an extra special challenge, as is keeping the attention of customers you acquired recently.

But don’t worry: there is hope! With a little work, you can keep up the momentum you’ve gained over the past few months, and set yourself up for an excellent 2024… and PropelAuth can help.

Here’s how:

Get a sense of your baseline numbers

On the main PropelAuth dashboard, you can see an overview of your basic metrics - signups, active orgs, etc. We also show you where you are in comparison to the previous month. Take a look!

Set some goals

Once you’ve gotten a sense for your numbers, set some goals around where you want to be by December 31st. Here are some tips for setting goals as an early stage founder. Once you’ve set your goals, you can start to make a plan around how to achieve them.

Keep current users engaged

While sign-ups are important, you need to keep an eye on churn too - if you're planning a fundraise soon, you'll likely be asked about both growth and churn. Use PropelAuth’s User Insight reports to get a list of who is and isn’t sticking around. If you do find you have a bit of a churn problem, this guide can help.

Connect with other founders

Having a strong support system is key to surviving the tougher times of startup life. To help with that, we launched Starting Line, a Slack community for early stage founders.