PropelAuth vs Auth0

PropelAuth vs Auth0

It’s hard to have a company with "Auth" in your name and not get asked: "How are you different than Auth0?" In this post, we wanted to document some of the reasons you should choose PropelAuth over Auth0.

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PropelAuth has self-service B2B support that works out of the box

If you are building a B2B product, you will have both authentication and authorization needs. Your users need both standard features like sign up, login, SSO options, etc.

As an example, think about products like Datadog or Sentry, which help their users monitor issues in production. The users aren’t just individuals, but multiple teams within a company. Their users need to invite coworkers to the product, pick roles to decide who gets to see what within the product, etc.

PropelAuth provides all of those features as self-service UIs, so that they are available to your end users from day 1, and you can get back to building your product. Our frontend and backend libraries also treat organizations as first class concepts. With Auth0, you'll need to build those UIs, wire it all together, and create your own middleware functions for checking organization management.

Simpler user schema management

Want to collect your users’ names when they sign up? With Auth0, you’ll need to write additional code on the frontend and as rules. If you have some users that have already signed up, you may need to use the API and backfill their information.

With PropelAuth, you enable "Name" as part of your user’s schema and we automatically update the signup pages. Users that don’t have a name yet will be prompted to set one the first time they login. Users that sign up via passwordless logins will also automatically be prompted to set their names when they login. Our hosted profile pages allow your users to update their names too. Again, it’s all taken care of so you can get back to your product.

Separate test environment

Testing is very important - important enough that you should be able to do it in a clean separate environment. PropelAuth, by default, creates a totally separate environment for you to test with. Unlike Auth0, you aren’t billed for any users you create while you are testing.

Transparent Pricing

PropelAuth bills you based on the number of active users you have using your product across a month. We include features like custom domains even in our free plan because we believe it is an essential feature for you and your end-users. Auth0 has a reputation for getting very expensive very quickly.

There are more differences to discover, but these are a few of the main ones. We admit that we are a biased source here, so we should also point out that Auth0 has been around longer, has more integrations, and supports more frontend and backend frameworks than we do.

If you want to test us out, you can try us out fully, no credit card required. Before you write any code, you’ll be able to fully test the experience your end users will have. If you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to reach out.