PropelAuth Works Before You Write Any Code

PropelAuth Works Before You Write Any Code

PropelAuth is a user authentication product that works before you write any code. But, what exactly does that mean?

That means that from the moment you sign up for PropelAuth, you will have a working, testable set of UIs for common actions like signup, login, account, and team management. Your users can immediately create accounts with you, setup 2FA, and invite their co-workers.

We have a separate test environment so you can create test the experience internally before you launch externally. And you can disable public signups if you prefer to sign up users manually at first, before you open up to the public.

How does it work

We host the entire auth experience on your behalf. It's hosted on your domain, so it feels like a native experience within your product. You can configure every aspect of the pages/emails from our dashboard, so you can make auth experiences like this

with just a few clicks.

But I do have to write code eventually, right?

Yes :)

Once you are happy with your user's auth experience, the next step is to integrate your product. The integration itself is often a couple of lines of code to perform some key actions like:

  • Redirect unauthenticated users
  • Display login/signup buttons to unauthenticated users
  • Hide UI elements based on your user's role within an organization
  • Make authenticated HTTP requests from your frontend
  • Protect API routes on your backend

We provide frontend and backend libraries for a variety of frameworks, which provide all the building blocks of a complete authentication experience.

What's the advantage of a hosted auth experience?

It's an incredibly fast way to get you back to working on your product.

Out of the box, you will have UIs for your end users to sign up, create their own teams, manage roles within those teams, invite their coworkers, etc.

The code you ultimately write is very simple, since you no longer need to worry about managing the users/teams, just fetching their information - and our libraries take care of all of that.

Even the most complex integrations can take less than an hour, and a typical integration can take minutes.

Want to try it out yourself? Sign up here and you can immediately configure and test it out!