Seamless Migration to PropelAuth

Seamless Migration to PropelAuth

We’re excited to announce the release of our migration API to allow companies with existing auth systems to switch over without any user interruption!

Whether you’ve built your authentication from scratch or are using a different provider for your authentication, switching from one system to another can be tricky. When building our migration process, these are some of the questions we considered in order to build a better, seamless transition:

  • I have user IDs already persisted in my database, how can I maintain those IDs?
  • How can I allow my users to keep their existing password?
  • Some of my users have 2FA enabled, how do I make sure they keep in enabled?
  • Can I test the migration before committing to it?

These all highlight the main concern that every company has when deciding to migrate:

How can we make sure our users will not be impacted at all.

Our Migration API

PropelAuth’s Migration API was designed to help companies upgrade to a better auth system with zero downtime and without draining your product team’s resources. Your users should have no idea the transition even occurred! They’ll be able to continue using their passwords and their existing IDs in your database will be linked to our IDs for easy reference. Best of all, you’ll be able to test you migration before fully committing it to make sure it matches your expectations.

Each of our backend libraries has a new function called migrateUserFromExternalSystem, which allows you to seamlessly transfer users from another provider. Our documentation shows the step-by-step detail, but in short, you provide password hashes, existing user IDs, metadata, and more, and we’ll make sure that your users maintain all the properties of their existing accounts.

Our migration also allows your to easily transfer your existing organizations to PropelAuth. We also have additional API calls for creating organizations and adding users to those organizations with specific roles (RBAC). There’s no need to start from scratch or duplicate work. As mentioned before, you can also test this migration in your test environment to make sure it works correctly before you go live in production.

Why should I migrate?

Perhaps you’ve outgrown your existing auth provider and don’t have the time to build new features. Maybe your current auth provider raised their prices to unaffordable levels. Maybe you realized that as a B2B business, you need specific auth features that aren’t offered by B2C oriented companies.

Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t feel trapped with your current auth provider (See sunk-cost fallacy.) Switching to an auth system that meets your needs doesn’t have to be a complicated process and will benefit you significantly in the long run. If you’re looking for a solution that specifically addresses your company’s B2B needs, then try out PropelAuth’s product without worrying about the migration.

While we designed the process so that you can do it all yourself, we are also happy to help. Reach out at and we can assist you!

P.S. Our announcement image was made with Open AI’s DALL E. What are your thoughts on AI-generated art?