September Release Notes

September Release Notes

Hope you’re all having a great autumn so far! September’s been a busy month for PropelAuth - we kicked it off with a refresh of our account and org pages, and then have been working on improving our dashboard and client libraries.

You can see a full list of what we worked on in September here, but I wanted to share some highlights:


  • User & Organization settings pages! One of our goals at PropelAuth is to make it possible for less technical team members to easily make changes to users and organizations when necessary. This is now much easier than before with the addition of these settings pages.
  • You can now add users to orgs immediately upon creating them in the dashboard. No need to rush over to their profile and add them to an org before they click on their confirmation emails!
  • We’ve loosened up our restrictions on the Frontend Integration page, so now you can enter any URL. Previously, we were a bit overenthusiastic when it came to validation.

Client Libraries

  • Our Python, FastAPI, Django and Flask libraries have been updated to include a ton of new functionality, including:
    • The ability to update more settings related to organizations, such as whether they are domain-restricted
    • The ability to change a user’s role within an organization
    • The ability to invite people to an organization
  • We’ve increased limitations around our the requests we can receive, to accommodate some of the more complex user property and RBAC use cases. When we set the limit, we didn’t account for some of the more interesting things our users were going to do with these features, and it’s been very cool to see some of you outgrow them.
  • We fixed some issues where redirects weren't working when multiple tabs were open.


  • We now support AWS AppSync. You can use your auth URL as an OIDC endpoint and then you can use your Access Tokens to make GraphQL requests.
  • We updated our Magic Link/Passwordless functionality to handle cases where the links were being automatically clicked by both email providers and email protection services.

As always, if you have any questions about these or anything else - feel free to email us at