Should You Disable Public Signups?

Should You Disable Public Signups?

Disabling public signups doesn’t mean your business isn’t accepting any new users. Instead, you’re choosing to manually onboard your users, which gives you full control over who has access your product. By manually onboarding your users, you can invite selected users while keeping your product private to the greater public. In this blog we’ll highlight different scenarios where it’s beneficial to disable public signups for your company.

Turning off public signups and manually onboarding users is the perfect choice if your product is still in beta but you also want to receive user feedback before you develop further. You can invite friends or colleagues to test your product while keeping it hidden from everyone else.

Similarly, disabling public signups can allow you to soft launch your product to a select group of excited users on a waitlist. Rather than expose your product to the unpredictable public all at once, you can slowly release it while also driving up excitement and demand from the people still waiting.

Disabling public signups isn’t only valuable for early stage companies. For example, if you sell to enterprise businesses, you might want to own the onboarding experience for your customers to eliminate blockers any on their end. By completing the onboarding for them and thus guaranteeing easy access to your product, you can provide a seamless user experience as soon as the contracts are signed.

Luckily, for whatever reason you choose to disable public signups, this isn’t a permanent decision. With PropelAuth, you can easily choose to disable or enable public signups with a toggle of a button on the admin dashboard.

Without any additional code needed, this self-service feature will remove the user facing signup page as well as anything that links to it. Additionally on the login page, users without an account won’t be able to sign up via a magic link or social login option. This ensures only the users who have been explicitly pre-approved by you or an admin will be able to log in.

Whether you’re ready for public signups or not, you can check out PropelAuth for free here.