Syncing Your User and Org Tables with Webhooks

Syncing Your User and Org Tables with Webhooks

Today, we're excited to show off our Webhook support. Webhooks allow you to reliably receive an HTTP request when a specific action occurs, like a user signing up, joining an organization, or having their role change. Some examples of things you can do include:

  • Creating a copy of your users and organizations' information in your DB
  • Signing up new users to your mailing list and sending them a welcome email
  • Provisioning resources for a user right when they sign up
  • Updating your billing information as new users join organizations within your product

To set it up, go to the Webhook section of your dashboard. You can set up different endpoints for your test and production environments so you can easily distinguish between the two. There's also a full event catalog with examples of what the events look like.

user.added_to_org event

The Webhooks themselves are powered by Svix, which also handles automatic retries and can display a full log of the events your endpoints received.

If you have any questions, please reach out at