Updates to Our Hosted Auth Pages

Updates to Our Hosted Auth Pages

We’re excited to share new user interface (UI) and feature updates to our hosted auth pages! These are the UIs that we host on your behalf for your users. By using PropelAuth to host these UIs for you, you can have a full featured auth experience before you write any code.

Our goal with these UIs is to enable your users to self-service all their account and organization information so all you have to do is manage a user_id, org_id, and role within that organization. Some of our favorite features of these pages how we handle edge cases. If you are collecting users' names on signup, what happens if they use a passwordless login? Or a social login that doesn't provide name information? Our hosted pages will ask the user to enter any missing information before they continue.

One important feature of these UIs is that they feel like part of your product. To better support that, we’ve made the hosted auth pages more customizable. Some of the added theming options include customizing the border, font, and background and foreground colors to better match your brand style and curate a more professional experience for your users.

Additionally, we’ve improved our hosted Organizations pages, allowing your users to filter and search for other members within their Organization, rescind invitations, automatically join organizations when they share an email domain, and more.

These features and previous releases can be found in our new Changelog, which we will continually update with product announcements and beta releases.