Why Traditional Auth Tools Won't Cut It For B2B Businesses

Why Traditional Auth Tools Won't Cut It For B2B Businesses

Your business deserves more. We've spoken to hundreds of startup founders about their auth experiences, and we discovered a few things...

1. Existing auth tools are hard to use

Reading through their docs made me feel like I was wandering in a forest not knowing what I was looking for
we just added [company] integration to our stack and my cofounder had to book a dr apptmt because the experience made him feel so bad
I was concerned when I saw an easy to use auth service because I know how much pain I went through and figured that was normal

Those quotes are all from people we've talked to about existing auth tools. The most common feeling we heard from customers was surprise, and not the delightful surprises. It was surprising the amount of work that they had to put in to get it all to work. It was surprising how many pages of docs they had to read to figure out what each setting meant.

2. They're often missing features

We ended up building on top of [tool] because we needed users to grouped into organizations. We honestly still haven't built all the extra features we need.

This was a common story we heard, and it wasn't specific to one auth tool. B2B products especially end up building a lot on top of the tools they chose. Each of these missing features took days to weeks to add on top - which felt especially bad when they were already paying someone for auth.

3. There's often hidden costs

Another feeling we heard often was the feeling of being nickel and dimed by their provider. Features that seemed standard would carry an extra, hidden cost which they often found out about after the integration was done.

4. Help wasn't available when needed

It took three days to get to talk to a support person, and then it turned out they were actually on sales

It's a pretty terrible feeling when you can't get something to work and you aren't sure if it's your fault, or their fault, or both. The time it takes to get support was often way too long - longer than the entire integration should take.

PropelAuth was built with all this in mind

This thing is awesome. Got simple authentication up and running with a local react app in < 10 minutes

As we built out PropelAuth, we made sure that both our product and docs were easy to use. Our product is hosted and you can do an integration with just a few lines of code. We consider our docs to be an extension of the product and are constantly updating them based on user feedback.

We've built out a comprehensive feature set, taking into account everything people were building on top of other tools, like organization management and 2FA enrollment UIs.

Our pricing is transparent and we create shared slack rooms with paying customers so we can be responsive and make sure you are successful.

If you are on the hunt for the best auth tool for your B2B product, give PropelAuth a try - it was designed with you in mind! Sign up here.