Starting Line

A community for early stage founders to connect, collaborate and grow together.

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Welcome, Founder...

And congratulations! You've recently decided to head down a path that not many do: starting a company.

This journey will be rewarding, but it will also be challenging. Having a support network around you is key, and while friends and family can be amazing... sometimes, they just don't get it the way other founders do.

That's why we decided to create Starting Line - an invite-only Slack community built specifically for early stage founders to do everything from sharing MVP feedback to helping one another fundraise.

We hope to see you there!

How do I get an invite?

Just click here to fill out our invitation request form!

I'm the technical founder - is it still for me?

Absolutely! All founders can benefit from a community, and we already have plenty of tech founders aboard.

How do you define early stage?

We're loose with our definition, but we think Starting Line is most helpful for pre-Series-A companies.

Can early employees join?

At this time, the community is for founders only.